meeting the challenges that the increased popularity of plant-based food has for the industry.

Take vegan ‘chicken’ nuggets. Simon Jubb, Manager of Interfood’s Preparation Division, said, “A typical line solution for nuggets might involve a vacuum mixer, a former, a batter applicator, a breading unit, a fryer and a spiral freezer. There are a number of operations and attention needs to be paid to each process to ensure a good end product. Taking forming as an example, the Alco former that we supply has shaping plates individually designed according to specific needs, thereby ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result. After all, as the old saying goes, ‘we eat with our eyes’.”

Interfood’s equipment offering for meat-free production requirements also encompasses cooking, slicing and packaging systems, along with the Afogrill and Afoflame systems which provide a roast or flame-grilled finish to meat-free as well as meat-based products.

Andre Clareboets, Divisional Manager at Interfood Slicing, added, “Recent projects in which we’ve been involved include the production of both sliced vegan cheese and cooked meats through fully integrated lines with the Weber wePACK Thermoformer packaging machine and Weber’s high speed slicing solutions at the heart of the systems.”