In the last 20 years, several Indian brands have made inroads into the British market, so much so that industry analysts say that “beers from the Indian subcontinent are now firm favourites with British drinkers”.

East End Foods plc, one of the UK’s leading importers of ethnic food, announced this week that it plans to diversify into the alcoholic beverage sector with the launch of ‘Himalayan Monkey’ a new Indian beer brand for the UK market. The new brand goes on sale in July and has been developed in line with two key consumer trends.

East End’s Commercial Director, Paul Deep, explained: “Firstly, we saw a gap in the market for an authentic Indian Beer that is priced and positioned to appeal to a younger, more street-wise lover of ‘All things hot and spicy’ – a movement that continues to grow and reflects a clear preference for spicier foods amongst younger, more adventurous consumers. We think that the branding and label design, developed by Leeds-based agency Brand Britain, will really capture the imagination of this market.”

Himalayan Monkey has been formulated to be robust enough to work perfectly alongside the spices used in Indian dishes, without overpowering their delicate flavours. It’s also authentically brewed and bottled in India which should make it a popular choice with the growing number of drinkers who have a thirst for ‘craft offerings’ from manufacturers who are producing on a smaller scale and to ensure quality and a closer connection to the authenticity of their brands.

“With Himalayan Monkey there’s a real emphasise on the care with which it’s been prepared and the authenticity of ingredients we’ve used,” commented Paul, he added: “We think this will be appreciated by an increasing number of consumers as the trend to move away from mass production across the FMCG market continues to pick up pace in the UK”.

For further information regarding ‘Himalayan Monkey’ please contact the Brand Britain Press Relations Department on 0113 2854595