The latest award won by this outstanding Lithuanian cheese was from the Global Cheese Awards for the Best Continental Hard Cheese for Džiugas ‘Delicate’ 24. Ripened for over 24 months, this cheese has a firm texture, aroma that hints at meadow hay and rich complex flavour with a broad savoury base and spicy fruit overtones.

2013 was a prize winning year for DŽIUGAS as in addition to the Global Cheese Award, it also received Gold and Silver at the International Cheese Show, a two star award from The International Taste and Quality Institute and a Superior Taste Award in Brussels. 2013 was also the year Džiugas was officially launched to the UK market. So the indicators are looking good for retailers to achieve great sales with Džiugas 1924 cheese in 2014. Judges and tasting panels say that it is “one of a kind” “worthy of a place on any cheeseboard” and “deliciously complex in aroma and flavour”.

Džiugas is a cheese with a giant reputation. Not only is its taste legendary, but it has its own legend that it was first made by the Giant Džiugas and his wife to celebrate their love for one another. It is now reputed to give strength and joy to those who eat it.

Retailers know the power of new products and stocking Džiugas not only delivers on this criteria. It also typically wins a place alongside the traditional cheeseboard selection, building the value of the average cheese purchase. Behind an almost addictive taste, it has a strong and interesting history that fits in well with the consumer trend for legacy food products. Consumers are very loyal and continue to purchase the cheese once it has been sampled. The new UK Džiugas Sales team are able to put retailers in touch with wholesalers and can be contacted on: T: +44 (0)7460333120

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