Thanks to the constant work carried out by the Comitato per la Promozione e la Valorizzazione del Vallée d’Aoste Jambon de Bosses Dop (Committee for the Promotion and Enhancement of Vallée d’Aoste Jambon de Bosses Pdo),

this raw ham from Aosta Valley has established itself internationally and has been successful in conquering e delighting the most difficult and demanding palates both in Europe and all over the world.

Following a detailed expansion plan, in this third millennium the distribution outside national borders has begun, at first only among a few exclusive and select German shops and, from this year, in the Far East’s high-class catering

With a production of about 3000 gammons per year, the Vallée d’Aoste Jambon de Bosses Pdo is a rare raw ham almost impossible to find, but when you get to meet and appreciate it, it is very difficult to let it go. This ham, in fact, does not accept any compromises: it must be produced in Saint-Rhemy-en-Bosses, in the Gran San Bernardo Valley; it must be object of salting that uses only salt and autochthon herbs; it must season at the great altitude of 1600 meters above the sea level, in the point of confluence of the four winds that blow down from the four hills which surround its seasoning area; it must be seasoned in a room filled with local hay; its quality and authenticity must be attested by national authorities.

The year 2011 is hosting the meeting between the highest European ham and the world’s highest hotel, Hong Kong’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel.
This brand-new hotel, inaugurated this past March 14th is located in the International Commerce Centre (a 484 meters skyscraper) and occupies the floors between the 102nd and the 118th.

The building’s design is inspired by the cultural dynamism of this metropolis, the ideal meeting place between East and West. In the 102nd floor we can find “Tosca”, an exclusive Italian restaurant with an aquamarine pool in its centre. Its particular and beautiful design allows people to have a look at the breathtaking view of the whole bay and at the kitchen, where people can admire chefs working and try to discover their secrets.

Beyond the qualifying presence of Vallée d’Aoste Jambon de Bosses Pdo in the appetizers, in the rich menu you can find Italy itself with its most intriguing delicacies: tagliolini with red shrimps and tomatoes, Pachino from Sicily, Spaghetti alla chitarra, Genoese sauce from Liguria, cannaruti from Calabria and buffalo Ricotta cheese from Campania.

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