As a front-runner in the manufacture of liquid inkjet technology and with a history of innovation stretching back almost thirty years, Markem-Imaje has pioneered many of the advances which have transformed continuous inkjet printing into a clean, reliable and user-friendly coding solution.

And whilst many will always choose Markem-Imaje SmartDate® coders as their brand of choice for thermal transfer printing, it would appear that not all UK food and drink manufacturers are yet aware of the global popularity of the company’s inkjet solutions with more than 32,000 customers around the globe delighted with Markem-Imaje coders.

Inkjet looks to the future
Today, the company’s extensive product portfolio includes the 9000 series of printers; all robust, modular machines designed to help achieve new levels of operational efficiency and economy, reducing maintenance and running costs. The 9000 series has recently been enhanced by the launch of an exciting new flagship model, the 9232 small character inkjet printer. This new printer takes the ability of Markem-Imaje to reinvent the standards of continuous inkjet technology to an even higher level and the company shows its commitment via proven, tangible benefits to its customers.

The 9232 prints high quality date codes, logos, alphanumeric text, 1D and 2D barcodes along with other product and traceability information on food and beverage products at speeds of up to 6.6m/sec. Housed in either an IP55 or IP56 stainless steel cabinet and controlled from a colour touch-screen panel, set-up is quick and easy and the compact print-head and toughened umbilical line, ensure the 9232 can withstand severe factory conditions.

Serious about cost of ownership
Markem-Imaje is serious when it comes to developing new solutions which deliver lower running costs and the 9232 is no exception. Real-time data about machine status, ink, usage and maintenance procedures is clearly displayed; ink cartridges guarantee the lowest additive consumption available and with an even longer life-span, they can be changed without mess, and without stopping the coding operation.

The printer has the lowest energy and air consumption on the market today and superb reliability is reflected in the 18 month warranty, with time between essential maintenance procedures – in normal printing operations – extended to 18 month intervals. All this enables Markem-Imaje to offer a unique commitment to its customers, promising up to a 30% reduction in ownership costs over alternative equipment available.

Serious about the environment
Recognising the responsibility we all have to preserve our environment the 9232 has been designed to minimize any associated waste and with the lowest additive consumption available, over 80% recyclable materials, new MEK and ketone free inks and an optimized maintenance routine the coder presents users with tangible benefits they can easily measure.

A brief history of Markem-Imaje inkjet innovation:

• 1982 – Imaje was founded and launches the first Jaime coders
• 1984 – First dual-head coder introduced, along with in-house ink manufacturing
• 1988 – S7 coder range; new compact design and cartridge ink replenishment
• 1990 – First bi-jet coder, S4, with a graphic display; delivers faster coding
• 1992 – Revolutionary ‘M’ print-head re-defines inkjet print quality
• 1994/5 – ISO9003 and ISO9001 certification achieved by Imaje
• 1997/8 – Bourg-les-Valence plant was awarded ISO14001 – the first to an inkjet manufacturer
• 1999 – Imaje S7 series pioneers modular construction
• 2000 – S8 printers feature lower solvent consumption
• 2005 – 9000 series – full connectivity to CIJ and sets the standard for robust, reliable, user-friendly operation
• 2006 – 9040 high performance coder launches
• 2011 – Flagship 9232 launches with a growing range of eco-friendly inks

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