The new non contact spectrophotometer from Lovibond Tintometer enables sample measurements from a distance, eliminating any surface distortion.

The Lovibond® NC45 Non Contact 45/0° geometry benchtop spectrophotometer is designed for the colour measurement of many types of wet and dry samples including powders, pastes, gels, plastics and paints. The versatile form factor also simplifies measurements of two and three dimensional objects.

The Lovibond® NC45 is the solution for many of the measurement problems that have, to date, remained unsolved. It is ideal for measuring the colour of products that normally require protection from physical contact such as liquids and pastes, or in which the surface appearance is changed by the presentation method, such as when the sample is pressed behind glass. These can now be measured in their natural, unaltered state, as the eye sees the sample. Simplified measurements on two and three dimensional objects are also accommodated via the integrated gloss sensor which provides 60° correlated gloss values.

The NC45 standard “spoon” and “petri dish” adaptors allow accurate and repeatable sample presentation with customised adaptors, for unique requirements, further increasing the flexibility of this new product line. An additional NC45 mounting stand also allows easy, accurate height adjustment, accommodating measurements of varying heights and shapes, eliminating guesswork and ensuring accurate and repeatable measurement results on virtually any sample.

A detailed datasheet and specification is available from [email protected]. For pricing, availability and delivery information, please contact [email protected].


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