First politicians, then Fleet Street, now the police; we used to believe that Parliament was not just a local branch of Brussels: it was there to hold ministers to account. Oddly, although I’m not one, many people thought that our newspapers were reporting the news (when, in fact, they just pass on government sponsored rumours) too. And surely the good old British ‘bobby’ was not merely an agent of the government. Well, the public have been duped on all counts. Put simply, we face a crisis of authority, of legitimacy, of belief in the system. And the solution cannot be further than state control.

The United Kingdom has become a bit of a joke. We have a growing number of people living on the street thanks to the ever-rising cost of living, the NHS is creaking at the seams, and the elderly and infirm are treated with pure disdain. Yet we still manage to spend billions of pounds on ‘policing’ Afghanistan and bombing Libya, with the ‘murder’ of our young people being treated as collateral damage. And when I speak of ‘murder’, I do not just mean the people who do the killing, for they have an active partner – the British Government.

For too long the general population has blamed easy targets for the state of the nation; the utility companies and the Inland Revenue Service being prime examples. Now I’m no lover of the IRS, but they are caught between a rock and a hard place: ‘raise more money’ they are told by David Cameron and ‘Little Nick’; we know the systems don’t work and people are becoming increasing unhappy (and disgusted), but do it anyway.

The closing down of the News of the World is just a high profile example of what is going on throughout the country (and much of the world). Notice how MPs are now falling over themselves to criticise Murdoch and his cronies – what a bunch of cowards! A Manchester solicitor – a Mr Lewis – put it perfectly when, on BBC’s Panorama programme, he said to an MP that “you are expected to go to war on my behalf, yet you didn’t have the courage to take on Murdoch!” Are the Emperor’s new clothes starting to fall off? Let’s hope so.


Chief Editor


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