Schwartz partner with the Fairtrade Foundation to launch four new Fairtrade herbs in the UK

This Fairtrade Fortnight (28th February to 13th March) will see leading Herb and Spice brand Schwartz, announce a partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation and highlight its plan to launch a range of four new Fairtrade herbs – Basil, Mint, Marjoram and Dill – which will be available in store later this year. By switching these herbs to Fairtrade, Schwartz will convert UK sales of between 36% and 83% of all four aforementioned herbs within the consumer market.

Schwartz is the first mainstream brand to launch Fairtrade herbs in the UK and believe that this is the right time to launch these products, since it has always shared the values of trading fairly and can now communicate this with the additional endorsement of the Fairtrade Foundation.

Harriet Lamb, Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation says; “It is always exciting when a new brand joins the fold and we are delighted that Schwartz will be launching four Fairtrade herbs with us this year. We look forward to our partnership with Schwartz developing over the coming months as they create new opportunities for Fairtrade certified smallholders“.

The new Fairtrade herbs will replace the standard equivalent Schwartz Basil, Mint, Marjoram and Dill products and consumers will be able to purchase the Fairtrade herbs from all major Schwartz stockists, at no extra cost.

Anthony Palmer, UK General Manager at Schwartz, says; “Schwartz have always believed in building fair and sustainable relationships with growers to ensure that customers get the best quality products with the best possible flavour. It’s great to have the backing and power of Fairtrade Foundation behind our products, in one of the World’s most complex and diverse supply chains. This is the first step for Schwartz in introducing Fairtrade herbs and gives customers an easy choice when choosing Schwartz herbs.”

McCormick has over 100 years of experience and Schwartz, its leading herb and spice brand in the UK, offers a vast range of herbs, spices and seasonings. Schwartz’s extensive product portfolio extends into different sectors including recipe mixes, wet sauces, gravies and innovative stir fry seasonings. The move into Fairtrade herbs is a natural progression for the Schwartz brand.

*83% of Dill, 44% of Basil, 36% of Mint and 38% of Marjoram. Source:  IR 52 w/e 30 October, 2010