1% Space…100% Customer Service!

Scanomat UK has surpassed itself with the development of the professional Top Brewer, a super stylish and technologically advanced bean to cup and fresh milk system that turns the whole concept of ‘coffee-machine-must-be-a-box’ on its head.

Totally in tune with modern life and surroundings, the Top Brewer is designed to be built into any table or counter top, with only the stylish curved pouring spout visible above (all the working components are stowed away under the counter) leaving precious counter space free for additional sales and customer service opportunities. To activate the beverage brewing process operators can use a Smartphone or opt to use the finger-touch keyboard which can be built into the counter top. The Top Brewer focus is now on the beverage and the consumer where it should be!

The simplicity of the Top Brewer belies its robust qualities and versatility.  Hot favourites such as cappuccino, latte and espresso are served in seconds with fresh milk if desired, and cold drinking water is also available. This labour-saving machine doesn’t require boiler inspections, features an automatic cleaning programme, and is manufactured using recyclable materials.

Telephone: 0800 032 7581