When you go to order an Indian meal, how many of, I wonder, stop to think about the rice?

Obviously we argue long and hard about the taste and quality of the different main dishes but then comes the final question, what about the rice? Well, the answer is, if you want the best, then there is really only one choice – Basmati rice!

So what is the background to this important product? The best way to find out is to talk to Sanjay Nayar, the General Manager of Indo European Foods Ltd (Kohinoor Foods UK). He explains, “True Basmati rice comes from northern region of India mainly, Haryana, Punjab and U.P.

The “Arora” began Kohinoor with a small rice trading company in 1976. They were passionate about Basmati rice and asked local companies to mill it for them. However, they were unable to control the quality of the end product and so, in 1989, they set up their own mill and brought everything under one roof. The three brothers had a vision to change the way rice was marketed in India and therefore were pioneers in introducing rice in printed laminated film to appeal to masses. From those small beginnings, Kohinoor has grown to the point where it now supplies Basmati rice to more than 60 countries worldwide and has offices in the USA, UK and Dubai.

In 2001, Kohinoor opened its offices in the UK under the Indo European Foods Ltd, and, just four years later opened its own rice milling plant in Felixstowe. A state of the art milling plant with capacity of 10 tonnes per hour was put up in Felixstowe, next to the second biggest port in Europe. The decision proved to be a successful one as the company has shown continuous growth, which can be seen from the fact that it has been expanding year on year at 56%, even though we’re coming out of a recession, and Kohinoor is aiming for consistent growth figures this year.

Again, Sanjay adds, “Basmati – which means “the fragrant one” is one of the most expensive varieties of rice. It owes its quality to its aroma and to its fluffiness. For best results, Basmati rice needs to mature for at least one year to get best cooking results. Today you will find our Kohinoor Basmati rice range and fighter brand such as Trophy Basmati rice, in almost all of the major outlets, including supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrison and Lidl as well as wholesalers such as Booker and Costco.

In addition to the branded range of Basmati rice, the company also offers a range of cook-in-sauces, enabling home cooks to quickly prepare traditional Indian meals, delivering their authentic taste without having to worry about the complexities of the recipes. In this way it is simple to produce Mughlai Korma, Peshawari Makhani, Kashmiri Roganjosh and many others in the comfort of your own home. Finally in the Kohinoor range are “India on a Platter” dishes – completely healthy and authentic dishes designed to bring selected Indian dishes into your own home. These microwaveable meal solutions, which are cooked in olive oil, offer a healthy choice with very low cholesterol and negligible

trans-fat. Truly Indian dining at its very best!

For further information please telephone 0208 423 4235 or visit www.kohinoorfoods.co.uk.