has supplied more than 900m of its RAUISO Food PE-Xa pressure pipe to the Carlsberg brewery in Northampton where it is being used to connect its expanded production facility to a bottling and distribution plant approximately 50m away.

The flexible pipework, which has already been proven for Carlsberg in a similar installation at its brewery Fredericia in Denmark, has been installed beneath an existing roadway within a series of prefabricated plastic ducts.

RAUISO Food 90mm and 110mm dia pipework was pulled through the individual ducts by a team of specialist engineers from Gallagher Construction (Northern) Limited supported by REHAU’s technical team. The installation took just five days.

The REHAU solution, in PE-Xa polymer with a diffusion barrier to prevent penetration of O2 or loss of CO2 and an insulating foam layer to resist damage, was chosen by Carlsberg as a durable and cost effective alternative to stainless steel pipe. It meets all of the Cleaning in Place requirements of the EHEDG regulations and had the crucial advantage that it could be installed in a conduit beneath the roadway without the road needing to be dug up.

The pipe has a permanently smooth, chemically resistant inner surface and is supplied with the renowned REHAU Everloc connection system which produces a permanent, guaranteed leak free joint.

Further information on the RAUISO pipe is available at: http://www.rehau.co.uk/files/RAUISO_Food_Sales_Brochure_311702_UK.pdf