A printed high impact wide-width message tape from global leader Payne is being used to deliver an on-pack promotion and enhance the branding of Kraft Club Social crackers in Brazil.

The eye-catching tape carries a colourful promotional message and is applied quickly and cost effectively to the outside of flow-wrapped packs of the Club Social crackers, delivering maximum impact without having to change the overall pack design

Payne’s wide-width message tape is an ideal message medium for markets including wrapped, bagged and frozen/chilled foods. It means manufacturers can run fixed-term promotions and communications, or quickly change between them, without needing a full redesign.

In Brazil, Kraft chose the wide width message tape from Payne to promote its competition to win an iPhone 4. Customers take part by visiting a website promoted on the high impact message tape.

Simon Wildash, head of marketing for Payne, says: “The great advantage of wide-width message tape is that when a promotion changes, the manufacturer can simply change the message on the tape and doesn’t have to completely redesign the pack.

“This saves money by reducing waste and origination fees as well as minimising packaging waste. The colourful design possibilities on the message tape also boost on-shelf presence and influence the decision making of buyers at the point of purchase.”

Production line speeds are unaffected by the application of the message tape and this was one of the key considerations for Kraft, alongside the benefits of reducing waste and lead-times from new pack generation.

“We worked hard to meet the demanding lead-times for this printed message tape and together with integrating our applicators onto the production lines have met the challenge set” continues Wildash.

Payne is seeing increased interest from manufacturers looking to integrate promotions within their pack design. The high colour graphics and sophisticated gravure print ensure maximum impact and enhance the product’s overall appearance as the message tape appears to be an integral part of the pack design.

Wide-width tapes also integrate successfully with Payne’s extensive range of printed tear tapes for no-knife easy opening of the pack. These opening tear tapes also provide additional communication opportunities with the ability to print messages or codes to drive online or SMS promotions.

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