Some packaging reduction ideas impact on our everyday lives, such as switching milk from glass bottles into plastic cartons, pet food from cans to flexibles or soft drinks from glass to PET bottles. These are all examples of innovations which, through original thinking, create savings in weight, waste and carbon footprints.

NXL Design is a Bradford-based design consultancy specialising in projects that take packaging reduction concepts and deliver them into commercial reality.

Recent examples include working with a well-known retailer to re-design their existing tray packs into a flow-wrap format using a printed laminate film which not only eliminates 80% of the packaging weight – but also dramatically improves on-shelf presentation of a commodity product in a competitive category.

This particular project is just one of many examples which highlight the special expertise of NXL Design, particularly in the areas of packaging weight and waste reduction. Their skills are allied to a long history of producing high quality branding and packaging designs for a wide range of clients in the food, confectionery and snack manufacturing industries.

NXL Design is the perfect partner for any company wishing to take steps to reduce their packaging, bring down their costs and expanding their environmental credentials.