Newly Weds Foods will be celebrating its 80th year in business in 2012.

The Company was founded in Chicago in 1932 as Newly Weds Baking by Paul M. Angell. He had developed batter technology that allowed sheet cake to be rolled without cracking, then combined with ice cream to create the first ice cream cake roll. Its description as the perfect marriage of ice cream and cake provided the inspiration for the company’s name and would be Newly Weds’ sole product focus for the next twenty years. However, in the early 1950’s Mr. Angell recognized the importance and potential of the then emerging frozen food industry. He applied bakery-based technology in manufacturing appropriate batters and breadings that could withstand the rigors of freeze-thaw and longer distribution cycles. Getting an early start in serving this industry proved very strategic as Newly Weds became the leading producer of customized food coatings in the United States by the mid-1950’s and a position held to this day. Newly Weds Foods then set its sights on extending geographic reach, both international and domestic. Over the next 50 years through acquisition and organic growth the company has come to serve customers in over 70 countries, through 24 manufacturing facilities and generating turnover approaching 1 billion US dollars. Newly Weds Foods’ product portfolio has also expanded beyond breadcrumb and batter coatings to include formulated seasoning systems (dry blends, sauces, marinades) as well as food safety and functional ingredients.

It was 1979 when the company launched its first products in the United Kingdom as a first step into the European market through a joint venture with the then RHM Ingredients. In 2002, Newly Weds acquired RHM Ingredients and followed up the next year with the purchase of Holland based HPI. The two companies were then merged to form Newly Weds Foods Europe. Over the next few years, the European division strengthened its position in the marketplace and expanded its presence supplying ingredients across 35 countries. Food industry sectors served included poultry, seafood, ready meals, pork and snacks. Then in June 2010, Newly Weds Foods acquired major food coating specialist Witwood Food Products. This instantly doubled the size of the European business and further expanded the company’s capabilities via added production and enhanced technologies. Senior Business Development Director
Dr Kaly Chatakondu said, “The acquisition of Witwood Food Products increased the number of Newly Weds Foods Europe manufacturing facilities to four but, this is just the beginning. The company has aggressive expansion plans for this region and is actively looking for acquisitions that are consistent with the current products and service portfolio as well as from areas that offer logical extensions to current products, technology and distribution. Along with factory build opportunities, this is the direction Newly Weds Foods is taking to meet short/medium term objectives. This dual approach has proven very successful so the goal is to double or triple our size in the next few years through 50% organic growth and 50% acquisition.”

Three of the current manufacturing plants are located in the UK – Banbury (formerly Witwood Food Products), Ossett and Corby. The fourth plant is in Helmond, the Netherlands. Banbury produces traditional crumb, blended breaders, predusts, batters and rusk. Ossett produces batters as well as breading and has seasoning blending lines together with six packaging lines. Corby specializes in Japanese style breadcrumb otherwise known as Panko, while Helmond manufactures traditional crumb, batter and breading. Each of these four manufacturing sites utilizes different production processes to bake the bread and turn it into bread crumbs. This gives the company the ability to offer a range of literally hundreds of different varieties to meet a customer’s specific needs.

Banbury, Ossett and Helmond also have their own on-site R&D labs staffed with close to 50 technical people assisting the sales effort and the innovation and product development process. This R&D support is consistent with Newly Weds Foods locations around the world. A total of over 280 technical staff support customer’s needs through on-site labs located in 17 of our 24 manufacturing facilities. This puts them closer to the customers that draw from those plants and to operations staff, making sure the product going to the customer meets all requirements for quality and performance.

Newly Weds Foods is a world leader in food coatings, including customized breadcrumb and batter systems as well as formulated seasonings that include glazes and marinades plus food safety and functional ingredients. Every aspect of the products being manufactured is studied from taste and texture, to performance on different substrates and on different production equipment. This attention to detail in providing the best possible ingredients contributes widely in helping to deliver the highest quality finished product no matter the variables having to be addressed. Meats, poultry, vegetables and other organic substrates can differ widely in moisture level, fat and protein content. The degree of denaturisation, surface irregularities and variations in the expansion and conformation of protein may also come into play. The right batters can help offset the effects of processing variables such as line speed, age and make of processing machinery, water quality, set-up time, the method of reconstitution used and the amount of breading pick-up. They can increase yields and also provide a way to differentiate products on the basis of flavour, texture and appearance.

Formulated seasoning capabilities support a whole range of savoury products including poultry, sausages, burgers, stuffing mixes, soups and sauces. On a global basis, nearly one-half of Newly Weds Foods’ sales fall under this category giving authority and experience in all aspects of taste or recent concerns such as sodium reduction and allergen control. Product success depends on evaluating each ingredient in an integrated food system. The company makes this process easier for a customer’s development team with its extensive R&D group. Beyond their knowledge of organoleptics and chemistry, these formulation experts also understand the unique complexities of commercial processing.
Newly Weds Foods food safety and functional ingredient portfolio addresses situations such as fat reduction, sodium reduction, yield improvement and increased shelf-life of the finished product and includes many systems that only use completely clean label and natural ingredients. The demand for healthier food with controlled levels of fat and salt is continuously increasing, especially as it is often mandated or strongly encouraged by national government food agencies. Equally, the demand by retailers and foodservice outlets for safe food with longer shelf-life while maintaining natural ingredients has been a major industry challenge. The company’s range of products in this arena has often allowed it to provide complete rather than partial solutions to meet customer needs.

Beyond providing the highest quality food ingredients, customers are looking for ingredient suppliers to provide services that add even more value to the relationship. Kaly says, “Many parts of our customer base are consolidating and demand the resources of only those ingredient companies that can provide a full range of added-value support from innovation to culinary development to food science, factory implementation and trend analysis. Here in Europe, as part of our global network, we have our own marketing team, new product development group, culinary staff and four European state of the art facilities to service 35 countries. We continuously receive enquiries from our customers for on-trend new product ideas so our teams are constantly monitoring what is happening around the world to identify what is gaining in popularity and then determining new product concepts that best reflect anticipated consumer demand and represent relevant opportunities for menu or portfolio development.”

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