Bad Breakfast habits are a thing of the past for MOMA as Britain’s BEST breakfast offers you a healthy and tasty alternative promising to keep you full until lunch!

The delicious MOMA mouthful comes in three different and scrumptious varieties and at the heart of this revolution is the secret to keeping your belly full until lunch – OATS!

Choose from the original Oatie Breakfast that comes crammed full of jumbo oats soaked in apple juice and mixed with low-fat probiotic Dorset yogurt and real fruit. The Oatie Shake – blended with more bananas and apple juice and packed into a bottle so you drink it on the go. Or The Hodge Podge – a layer of spiced fruit, low-fat probiotic yogurt and a packet of crunchy granola to pour on top.

The best quality wholegrain JUMBO British oats are the reason these oatie breakfasts are so filling. As well as being low-in fat and high in fibre their low in GI qualities means you release energy slower and stay fuller longer. Plus, they are also a really healthy and delicious way to start your morning!

MOMA began as a one man band when Tom Mercer set it up in 2006 on a quest to sort out bad breakfast routines; ‘Mornings are tough enough already without the added stress of trying to find a breakfast that isn’t packed with grease or sugar. I wanted MOMA to help people on the go grab something really wholesome, healthy and enjoyable.’

Since August 2010, London based healthy breakfast company MOMA have been available in 34 Sainsbury’s Local stores throughout the UK as well as on various London train station platforms which has enabled yet more consumers to sample the range while on the go at prices starting at just £2.