What’s a Longo? Or what’s a Circulo for that matter?

You don’t know?

Then a visit to the Pidy stand is a must for Lunch 2011, particularly if you’re a deli or café owner or you are looking for refreshing new ideas for light lunches and snacks.

Addressing one of the biggest dilemmas faced by caterers today – whether they be café managers, contract, in-house, or cost sector caterers – the focus of the Pidy stand will be ‘New ideas from Continental Europe and beyond’. These simple dishes with a foreign accent don’t need a lot of skill to put together and, in the main, have not been seen in the UK before. Pidy will also be showing you how to add that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to more traditional dishes, and give you the chance to taste them for yourself.

Fuelled by the imaginative use of nearly all the doughs in the Pidy portfolio – eight to be exact – the ideas will include fashionable Filo Pastry Cups, containing 50% less fat than standard pastry. Filo is especially suitable for ladies (and gents) that lunch, vegetarian and health-conscious customers. Visitors will also be treated to the delicious short and puff pastry, choux and wafer items already enjoyed by customers in Belgium, Holland and France.

Look out for Pidy’s fabulous centrepiece pastry bases – Tarte Jockey, Tarte Kilometre and Tarte Sablé – which will be made into attractive display pieces especially designed to pull in the punters. Visitors to the stand will be able to see how, once filled, these can be portioned and sold as light lunches with high profit potential. Pidy’s products are ideal for the cafe, deli and light lunch market, eat-in or take-away, will last for hours, even when filled, and are freeze/thaw-stable once filled for batch preparation. All products in the range have an impressive shelf life when unopened.

But don’t take our word for it. Pidy’s Corporate Chef, Yves Mistiaen, will be demonstrating the new concepts and offering samples throughout the show. Simon Matthews, Pidy’s Foodservice National Account Manager, will be on hand to answer technical and sales support queries – anything in fact, which will help to build your Lunch-time trade. See you there…


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