KDH Projects began in 2000 as a small project management firm and has grown into a successful construction company.

The company specialise in construction and maintenance, hygienic walling and ceilings, flooring and drainage, cooling and ventilation, mechanical, electrical and fabrication works.

Dedicated in catering specifically to the UK food industry, KDH’s in-house teams are able to react quickly; providing unique services, using specialist products.

Kevin Haynes, managing director of KDH, created the company over ten years ago. He saw the opening in the market for a specialist contractor to serve the food industry.

Kevin says: “We were initially a project management firm, all of the labour was carried out by subcontractors.
“This highlighted the problem. We had subcontractors – which we had no control over – letting us down, doing work we weren’t happy with and our customers weren’t happy with. This is when our mind set started changing.

“We bought premises in Lincolnshire and started hiring people who believed in our vision.” KDH Projects was created.
Ten years on, KDH is now a successful company with a glowing reputation. Janet Prescott, factory manager at Bakkavor in Spalding, uses KDH regularly: “I think it (KDH) is a case of the 3 Rs; realistically priced, ready and adaptable for any eventuality, including project change, and reliable and prompt in delivering results.”

The company continue to employ the entire workforce, making KDH a ‘one-stop-shop’ for customers. Carl Rout, KDH’s UK Commercial Manager, explains why the company mission is attractive to customers.

“We are a single company providing all the services our customers require. They won’t be paying a premium to a project consultancy firm; they will be paying the true cost of the job through one point of contact.”

Using a complete in-house team benefits the customer in other areas too. Carl says: “Because we employ all of our employees, we are able to undertake jobs quickly. Many companies can take up to ten weeks just to price the job – sourcing the cheapest labour and materials takes time.”

Kevin’s hope for the future is to further KDH’s success throughout the country: “We are continually employing more staff and apprentices. In five years time we want the company to have doubled in size and for the name of KDH to continually grow with the company’s success.”

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