Georgia-Pacific EMEA has unveiled the launch of the JustOne® Mini napkin dispenser, part of the brand’s hugely popular JustOne® napkin range, designed to meet the needs of today’s ‘grab-and-go’ demands in the UK catering industry.

With the arrival of the JustOne® Mini napkin dispenser, the Lotus Professional® brand provides an ideal solution for counter and table tops at busy eateries thanks to its user friendly design. Vertical dispensing and single sheet napkin delivery provide a reliable, efficient and hygienic solution for a range of outlets, from ice cream parlours to outdoor food kiosks.

Emma Nourry, Trade Marketing Manager at Georgia-Pacific said: “The JustOne® Mini napkin dispenser provides the perfect solution to a range of eateries in the UK. Its single-sheet dispensing function conveniently prevents the consumer from being lumbered with an excess of napkins. This superiour feature reduces the risk of littering; allowing catering establishments to stay on top on cleanliness, to help ensure customers come back time after time. The innovative design also means that the user only touches the napkin taken, which alongside the small opening on the dispenser, further helps to reduce the risk of cross contamination.”

Contained within a robust and compact dispenser, each premium Lotus® flower embossed napkin is soft and absorbent. Ideal for the environmentally conscious service provider, each napkin is made from recycled paper and, thanks to the single sheet dispensing function, designed to eliminate any unnecessary waste.

Also easy to maintain, the JustOne® Mini dispenser has a transparent window to easily indicate when a refill is required. Quick and easy to load, catering managers can feel confident that their customers will have a ready supply of napkins available.

The JustOne® Mini dispenser is available in three distinctive colours: silver, grey and fuchsia. Each dispenser offers the user the opportunity to personalise it with their own logo or message. A customisable card is provided for each customer to make their own bespoke solution to fit their brand image.

The easy-to-use JustOne® Mini dispenser is ideal for kiosks, ice cream parlours and cafes looking to provide a clean and efficient on the go service, for regular visitors, tourists or passing trade.

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