Euro-Colombian startup company JUNA is shaking up the UK fruit beverage market with the launch of its innovative, all-natural nectar range made from Mango, Lulo, Guanábana and Mora.

JUNA’s super-exotic range offers consumers genuinely new taste experiences and transports them into the magical world of the South American Andes. The four flavors, presented in 250ml PET, provide the pure exotic taste and texture of each fruit, as well as the intrinsic health benefits derived from their high vitamin and protein content.

JUNA is about going for the new, the exciting, the exotic – satisfying the human need for variety and discovery. Its innovative range breaks with the same old tones of apple, orange or grape, which form the basis of close to all fruit drinks in the market today.

With its drinks JUNA also seeks to make a positive impact for communities growing the fruit for its products, opening new markets for small farmers and their families in Colombia. 5p per bottle sold go towards the JUNA Project, designed to strengthen fruit grower associations in remote areas of the country.