I recently came across a wonderful place to dine in my hometown of Birmingham, Edmunds Restaurant in Brindley Place, the second city’s capital of culture, boasting water fountains, cafés, hotels, art galleries, plus a host of great eateries.

Family run by Chef Patron Andy Waters and his dedicated team, Edmunds provides a relaxed and refreshing approach to fine dining, with dishes created using some of the Midlands’ finest seasonal ingredients, as well as those from further afield, and inspired by classical French methods served simply, but effectively.

Despite working for much of his career in fine restaurants in France and Switzerland, Andy Waters is a local boy who describes himself as a classical chef using ‘old school’ techniques enhanced with modern methods. What he doesn’t say, but which is also undoubtedly true, is that he is ahead of his time, certainly in the planning of menus.

The reason for this praise is that Edmunds has two distinct menus, one of which is dedicated to vegetarian food. And the food is good … very, very good! As a vegetarian of 28 years myself, it is wonderful to see the catering world finally waking up – some quicker than others. Indeed, there is a pub restaurant close to where I live that has even got a vegan menu, and it’s very popular.

I have a friend that is a chef too, and she works in a restaurant owned by a farming family, so they are firmly of the opinion that if the food on your plate hasn’t been killed it’s not worth eating. However, a little while ago she put a vegetarian spaghetti bolognaise on the lunchtime menu … and it sold out fast. Plenty of pig and cow left though.

Now I’m quite happy for people to eat meat if they want to (I cook it for other people), but it is nice to have a choice and places like Edmunds are providing one. I shall return often.


chief editor


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