Red Tractor Assurance Schemes Come Together on New Website

Red Tractor has launched its new assurance website at the NFU Conference. The new site,, has been created to be the one-stop-shop for the existing six Red Tractor Farm Assurance Sector Schemes and other food assurance schemes also operated by Red Tractor. It will make it easier for all assurance scheme members to access important information that will help them through the assurance process.

Red Tractor Chairman David Gregory welcomes the latest initiative and said: “I am delighted with this development. We are committed to ensuring the Red Tractor Assurance chain works together efficiently and is communicated consistently right from the start. The new site is the latest measure in improving this; by providing relevant and useful information on all Red Tractor Assurance Schemes in one central place. It clearly shows how Red Tractor is not just about farm assurance but also covers the whole food chain from pre-farm right through to post-farm Schemes too. ”

The site incorporates exciting new features to help members get the most from their assurance membership including scheme standards, downloadable blank record templates and publications which must be available at the assessment, on-line self assessment tools and post-audit questionnaires so thoughts can be fed directly back to Red Tractor Assurance. To help navigate around the extensive site it is split into four sections; Pre-Farm, Farm, Post-Farm and Checkers and Services making the relevant information more accessible to Red Tractor members throughout the chain.

Meurig Raymond Vice Chairman of Red Tractor and NFU Deputy President said: “It’s great that Red Tractor has chosen the NFU Conference to showcase their new website. Farmers will really see the added value this brings to the assurance processes with features designed to help them prepare for audits and new systems that will make it easier for buyers to check validation of assurance products back to their qualified farms.”

The website launch is the latest phase in Red Tractor’s major harmonisation project, initiated in April last year, which aims to bring more consistency and clearer labelling to farm assurance through aligning all its six Farm Schemes and their Standards.

The site now complements the existing, which provides information on the Red Tractor Logo to consumers, press and users of the logo. The old sector websites will now automatically divert visitors to the relevant area on Existing checker users will have received further details by direct email.