Four Star Pizza is one of the best-known brands in Ireland and they’re looking for new franchisees.

In a few months from now, you could own a brand new business with a proven model for success and all the support you need from a team of experienced business experts.

Tempting? Good. Four Star Pizza is expanding throughout Ireland and they are looking for new franchisees like you. You don’t need any previous pizza experience because Four Star will give you all the training in food preparation, accounts, customer service, delivery and marketing you will need. They’ll help you to recruit, manage, grow and thrive in your chosen town or city.

The difference between trying to start a food business on your own and becoming a Four Star Pizza franchisee is clear: All the hard work has been done already. The brand is very well known in the market and is continually supported with advertising, promotions and new product development. It has a loyal and nationwide customer base who love the unique New York style pizza and look to support an Irish brand over multinationals. This is a business that is, literally, ready to go. Just call them and talk. You could be rolling out your first pizza base in weeks.

There are 37 locally owned and managed Four Star Pizza outlets already in Ireland, each one delivering delicious pizzas made with fresh dough (which is made onsite), a special recipe pizza sauce and fresh toppings sourced centrally from local producers where possible.
It’s not just about pizza either. Four Star Pizza offers a wide range of food and drink options in a menu that is constantly adapted to the changing tastes of the Irish market. From BBQ chicken wings and chicken dippers through to potato wedges, garlic bread and new oven-cooked twister fries (with two tomato sauce dips), the choices are proving really popular. Everything at Four Star Pizza is cooked in the oven, no oils are used and this is an important selling point at a time when healthy eating has never been so popular.

So where did it all start? Four Star Pizza began in 1981 in Pittsburgh and first opened its doors for business in Ireland in 1986, when Four Star Pizza (USA) set up a model store in Dublin. The thinking behind this was to bring the company’s proven system to a completely new market through a company who would grow and develop the brand independently.

Today, Four Star Pizza (Irl) Limited is a wholly owned Irish business that operates company owned and franchise stores throughout the country. Operators are all trained to pay great attention to product quality and excellence in customer service. That’s why the brand loyalty in the market is so strong, with each franchisee helping to build a great reputation for the brand.

So here’s the opportunity for you: Four Star Pizza wants to open another 30 stores in Ireland, before moving into the UK where it also owns the franchise rights. They are looking for good franchisees; people who are seeking a genuine, proven, business opportunity. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done before – franchisees come from all walks of life and practically every profession and working background – if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a good work ethic, they want to talk to you.

This really is a five star opportunity with Four Star Pizza, so contact them today, right now, on (01) 7037300 or email [email protected] or visit their website at

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