If you want a truly memorable stay in London, nothing would make it more complete than a visit to a great restaurant.  I have been recommended one of Gordon Ramsey’s eateries in Grosvenor Square – Maze.

If you have never been to a celebrity restaurant, or one which is famous for its fine dining menu then don’t let the cost put you off. For that little bit extra, perhaps £10 at the most, the end result, and that which Ramsey’s highly skilled team at Maze produce is quite simply out of this world. The first thing you notice is the service. From the moment you enter the restaurant your coat is hung up for you and you are immediately taken to your seat. Like a theatrical performance one waiter brings over a bottle of water and pours you a glass followed by another who brings a still warm basket of fresh bread to the table.

It truly excites.

As soon as we are comfortable Nicholas Davies, Restaurant Manager greets us at our table and introduces the Wine Flights menu. New to Maze, each dish that you order is complemented by a different glass of wine, specially chosen by a master wine connoisseur. The wines are brought to the table once you have ordered, set in a trio of glasses on a sterling silver plate each glass listed by a separate roman numeral I, V, and X. The menu is a tapas-style tasting affair that gives the diner the opportunity to sample both excellent wines and fine dining.

To start I had the Loch Duart salmon, fondue of leek, vinaigrette of brown shrimps, horseradish. This was a light dish but incredibly satisfying – the shrimp vinaigrette being one of the sweetest and most moreish tastes I have ever enjoyed.

A chef’s table can be found at Maze, so sitting near the back, you can watch the chefs at work.

What is apparent is how the restaurant runs like clockwork, the perfect amount of time was left between the first course until the second arrived, Lamb rump, fennel, samphire, lemon thyme jus. At this point, I have to say that although I tried desperately hard to write everything down, I couldn’t be sure exactly which wines were given with each dish. The connoisseur who chose each glass picked wines spanning the globe but what was quite simply breathtaking was how each wine went so well with each mouthful of food. The tastes were an extension of each other, a mixture of smoky woods, peppery tastes and beautifully honeyed sweet desert wines ensuring the flavours of the food were washed down perfectly.

Even the bathroom was stunning at Maze, each person having their own separate tiled wash room, complete with hand creams, flannels and other luxuries. You really felt spoilt eating at this masterpiece of a British restaurant and all for £45.


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