Following on from its focus on durable flooring solutions for the food and drink industries, leading industrial flooring manufacturer Flowcrete UK is turning its focus to the subject of hygienic surfaces underfoot, in its Get More From Floors campaign.

Located at, Get More From Floors, Get More Hygiene is the second of six subjects being explored throughout 2011 under the campaign, after the issue of durability kick-started the launch.

Flowcrete is sharing more than 30 years’ wide-ranging experience and flooring expertise with food and drink sector professionals to create the Get More From Floors campaign.

Bringing together video, case studies and technical data, the Get More From Floors resource centre is designed to help those in the food and drink sector make informed decisions about their flooring requirements.

Flowcrete has vast experience within the food and drink industry – carrying out projects for Blue Chip clients including Thorntons, KP Nuts, Nestlé and Heineken – backed up with best in class customer and technical support services.

It offers an extensive range of hygienic floor coating solutions designed for specific food and drink processing environments. These include anti-slip, acrylic and epoxy based floor finishes made-up of durable quartz beads and polyurethane resin screeds, as well as polyurethane terrazzo systems that contain tough flint and granite aggregates.

Antimicrobial finishes can also be specified across a number of Flowcrete systems, using the silver-based Polygiene® technology.

Alan Dean, Sales Director of Flowcrete UK, said: “Flowcrete offers food manufacturing, food processing and food packaging clients a wide range of hygienic floor coating solutions that combine high strength with outstanding antimicrobial performance.

“Flowcrete systems are capable of withstanding all the rigors of the industry, including falling bottles, wheeled traffic, food spills, chemical spillage and even sugar and acids.

“Our floors are laid in a seamless application, which eliminates joints and cracks where fungi, moulds and mildew are harboured, to create a more hygienic and functional surface.

“Specific formulations can also be selected, which can withstand demanding cleaning regimes, including steam cleaning.

“Furthermore, Flowcrete’s Flowfresh floors have the benefit of the Polygiene® agent – a silver-ion based antimicrobial treatment placed deep within the floor finish.

“This system continually controls up to 99.9 per cent of bacterial microbes, for maximum hygiene performance underfoot – and the process remains active for the lifetime of the floor.

“The material contains an amino compound, which constantly emits ions of silver that control bacteria settling on the floor’s surface, including E-Coli, Staphylococcus aureous, campylobacter and MRSA, delivering maximum hygiene performance.”

Flowcrete’s extensive product offering also includes the industry-leading Industrial Floorzone concept, unique to Flowcrete UK.

This system delivers the damp-proof membrane and high strength Isocrete floor screed, topped off with a performance resin floor finish – all from a single source and installed by Flowcrete’s approved contractor network.


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