The GSC 250i is the total brewing package innovation from the GEA Westfalia Separator Group that combines very high process engineering performance in terms of clarifying efficiency and maximum yield with an engineering standard that guarantees low energy consumption, simple easy maintenance and low space requirements. By combining the Westfalia Separator® hydrostop discharge system with the new integrated direct drive a beverage separator which is unparalleled in its field, has been achieved.

This high performance separator is for use in the brewing industry for separating green beer, clarifying beer upstream of the filtration process, recovering beer, and separating hot wort and trub wort. In the wine industry it can be used for clarifying must and wine and can also be used for clarifying and standardising products in the fruit juice industry.

With the patented Westfalia Separator® hydrostop technology, GSC 250i machines offer high product yields and low product losses during clarification along with maximum dry matter in the discharged solids. The high concentration of solids discharge is achieved using extremely rapid opening and closing times in conjunction with a large opening aperture up to ten times wider than conventional machines.
Incorporated into the GSC 250i beverage separator is the integrated direct drive system which was introduced last year to the brewing industry and allows the motor to rest on a shaft which is directly connected to the spindle of the separator avoiding the use of drive belts and gears and resulting in minimal energy losses, improved ease of maintenance and a very compact unit requiring low space requirements.

A third component of the innovative package is the improved low energy feed system as well as a modified low energy centripetal discharge pump which delivers improved overall system flow with a resulting gentle, foam free, product discharge.

Compared to equivalent machines the new GSC 250i offers beverage producers energy savings of 15-20% in conjunction with low maintenance for high efficiency. For customers seeking permanent status monitoring of separators in order to diagnose and prevent potential downtime at an early stage, GSC 250i separators can be connected to WEWATCH®, an on-line monitoring system. At the same time, WEWATCH® can be used to monitor process parameters for analysis and possible adjustment, in order to optimise the efficiency of the whole process.

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