Following the success of the JustOne® napkin dispenser range, the Lotus Professional® brand is introducing a personal print option and a new exclusive Lotus flower emboss to its JustOne® napkins. Creating the right impression is essential to meet the competitive needs of today’s busy catering industry.

With the busy summer months approaching, the catering industry needs to be ready for high-traffic dining areas and it is all the more important for catering managers to stay one step ahead of their competitors during the tourist season and provide an efficient grab and go service to capitalise on the opportunities to come.

With the launch of the JustOne® Personal Print Napkins and JustOne® New Lotus Flower Emboss Napkins, the Lotus Professional® range provides flexible and efficient solutions for end-user needs and helps caterers prepare for the influx of summer tourist traffic. Branding and image is crucial to attracting and maintaining customers – co-ordinated, distinctive disposable tableware can help maintain style and consistency in service.

With the JustOne® Personal Print napkin range, catering outlets can register a unique print onto 2-ply napkins, designed especially to match their company branding, with logos, slogans or other trademarks. Offering the flexibility of up to 3 different colours, an establishment can maintain its distinctive style, without losing the key benefit of the JustOne® dispenser, sheet by sheet dispensing..

JustOne® Personal Print from the Lotus Professional® brand allows catering managers to put their creative ideas into practice, whilst benefiting from a cost effective system, allowing them to stay ahead of their competitors during the summer and beyond.

In addition to the JustOne® Personal Print napkin service, the Lotus Professional® brand will be launching a JustOne® New Lotus Flower Emboss Napkin. With the exclusive Lotus flower design imprinted onto the napkin, the embossed effect enhances the appearance of the napkin and adds to the softness for a cushioned effect.

The more advanced quality of print on the JustOne® New Lotus Flower Emboss napkin creates an attractive pattern that can be applied to all JustOne® products and maintain a superior image for the establishment as a whole.

With the JustOne® Personal Print and JustOne® New Lotus Flower Emboss variations on the standard JustOne® napkins; restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes and other catering outlets can choose how they put their stamp on the catering industry, whilst capitalising on the cost-efficient and hygienic service offered with the original JustOne® dispenser.

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