Changing world lifestyles reflect growing interests in health and fitness, plus an expanding older population keen to live life to the full for as long as possible.

Step forward whey protein. The traditional market sectors associated with protein supplementation have expanded significantly to welcome people of all ages interested in exercise, keeping fit and weight-management. And it’s not just the numbers of people coming into the market which have increased – so too have their appetites for information and education, and this has a knock-on effect on the question of quality.


Mark Neville, Volac’s Head of Lifestyle Ingredients explains, “Today’s consumers are increasingly well educated, sourcing information from health professionals, media and brands. They know exactly what they are looking for in terms of products which taste good, are easy to use and convenient, and they are not prepared to settle for anything less than top quality”.

Volac is well placed to comment. The British-based privately owned family business, has over 40 years’ experience within the ingredients industry. It has always been single-minded in its determination to be at the forefront of insight-driven, technically advanced, pioneering quality solutions.

It has matched its ambitious vision to be the leading force with substantial investment, resulting in consistently reliable top quality products, in-depth scientific, nutritional and technical knowledge and expertise as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and quality processes.

The focus on quality is consistent throughout Volac, and explains the company’s standing and reputation within the industry. Mark Neville says, “Every aspect of our business is driven by our commitment to performance – it is the cornerstone of our business philosophy and culture”.

Volac’s ethos has paid dividends in terms of winning the company an unrivalled reputation and standing as a pioneering force, and resulting in long-standing commercial relationships with many world-class premium brand companies. Mark Neville acknowledges Volac’s success and position as the largest producer of nutritional whey protein in Europe, “We believe in consistent investment in all areas of our business, including creating and growing exciting new categories. We are committed to harnessing all advances in technology and processes, to a strict quality assurance system, and to leading the way in delivering superior quality consumer-insight driven products. Reputable quality is our key objective at all times, and our long-held Volac view is that only the best is good enough”.

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