A leading international brand in the area of sales outlet equipment, Caddie® distinguishes itself with intelligent and avant-garde innovations designed to stimulate the market for the sale of goods and equipment.

The WIND trolley, their last innovation received the unanimous approval of users who truly took to the product after first use. Moreover, the whole range received the Janus Industry Award last March, which rewards products that, in their very design, contribute a use value, and therefore a real benefit, to the user.

Time-saving and user-friendly, the WIND revolutionises our experience of in-store shopping. Available in three different formats, it extends the customer’s shopping comfort from the sales outlet to their home with a practical, ergonomic and modular solution. The trolley is enriched with intuitive equipment such as an optional scanner holder built into the front panel.

Devised to enrich the purchasing experience, and to add value for the distribution stores of tomorrow; WIND can embody a touch screen into the front panel allowing customers to record and update a shopping list or geolocate products in the store. This new interactivity also serves the store’s performance by allowing brands to keep the stock list updated, relay promotions and optimise infrastructure costs (heating, lighting control etc.) according to customer attendance statistics.

At last, because the retail stores now only employ a sustainable vision, WIND promotes the use of reusable bags while reducing disposable consumables.

60 years after the self-service trolley was created, Caddie® is reinventing it!

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