Black pudding, blood pudding or blood sausage is a type of sausage made by cooking blood along with various other ingredients.

It is a very frugal food (not wasting any part of the pig) The dish exists in various forms within most cultures throughout the world. A variety of different ingredients are used depending on the country. In Europe, a variety of fillers are used, including meat, fat, suet, bread, onion and oatmeal. The first documented record of Black Pudding dates back to Assyrian times but later, in ‘Homers Odyssey’, the Greek General Agamemnon was said to have fed his army on blood and onions to keep them strong, this makes sense as blood contains iron and protein, and the onions contain a large amount of carbohydrates and sugars. The Romans, who were expert sausage makers, then took this recipe and placed it into skins, thus introducing the Black Pudding throughout their Empire. It exists as Boudin Noir, (France), Blutwurst (Germany), Kashanka (Poland), Morcilla (Spain). Biroldo (Italy) and so the list goes on.

In the UK, black pudding is considered a delicacy in the Black Country but it is mostly associated with Lancashire and, particularly, with the town of Bury, and it is here in Lancashire that the story starts! In 1993 Andrew Holt, a butcher by trade, came across a unique business opportunity – Richard Sanderson Ireland, a local black pudding maker of over 30 years, was looking to sell up and retire. Andrew purchased the business and Dick (as he was known) agreed to stay on to teach him the traditional methods and recipes that dated back to 1879.

According to Sara Lusty, Andy’s niece and co-director, “We source all our own ingredients and use as much fresh material, including barley, as possible. Andy is a very colourful character, has won numerous awards and has been featured on television showing that black pudding is not just for breakfast but can be enjoyed in meals at any time of the day, for instance as a starter or as a main course. He is also very innovative and has developed the world’s first “vegetarian black pudding”.

Andy has taken The Real Lancashire Black Pudding on to the European Competition Circuit and has been so successful that he has been appointed a Chevalier de Goûte-Boudin – effectively a Knight of the Black Pudding! “ We won our first prize in 1993 as ‘Best Newcomer’ in the British Championship. The next time we entered we took the top three prizes which created quite a stir” said Andrew.

The business has won an amazing 170 awards for their products over the last 18 years in France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland and of course here in Britain. They are quite simply the most highly decorated Black Pudding makers in Britain.

Sara adds, “We have a number of distributors around the country but we are always looking for wholesale distributors in other areas. The business has progressed so much that we are looking to move to new premises in the next 12 months. We will stay in the area as this is the true home of the Lancashire Black Pudding and we would not wish to lose our loyal staff.”

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