Tangerine Confectionery is Europe’s largest independent manufacturer of high quality sugar confectionery and popcorn with iconic brands including Barratt’s Sherbet Fountain.

All confectionery on the four main production lines at the Blackpool processing plant, one of eight UK sites, is cooked using steam distributed via a 2½ inch ring main to the various lines. Steam also heats the 2,000 gallon tank storing hot water for the plant’s domestic, heating and vital CIP and washdown services.

Whilst the stored hot water could cope with the daily washdown, the system couldn’t produce hot water fast enough for Friday afternoon’s complete plant washdown. As this shortage for the sugar/confectionery processes had potential to cause major issues, site services engineer John Lea approached Tangerine’s sole steam equipment manufacturer TLV for advice.

Says Lea: “We began specifying TLV equipment five years ago when we experienced condensate issues with our steam system caused by the failure of mild-steel steam traps from an existing supplier, which were failing due to pin-holing and corrosion. We selected TLV’s stainless steel steam traps and asked them to undertake a Steam Trap Survey. Based on the results, we replaced all 95 traps in the course of two years.

“The change was so successful we also introduced a phased programme to replace all bronze pressure reducing steam valves with TLV’s.”

Returning to the washdown problem Lea says the old system was causing serious concerns due to a surge in demand for the confectionery range, a significant increase in energy costs and Tangerine’s environmental policy to reduce its carbon footprint.

Having been called in to advise, TLV’s engineers reviewed the hot water requirements and surveyed the existing plant before recommending its HeatPack, a packaged heat exchanger designed to provide an instant supply of high volume hot water, on demand at a constant 65ºC. TLV also guaranteed that it would deliver Tangerine’s weekly requirement of 250 tonnes of hot water and meet the Friday afternoon peak washdown requirement of 100 tonnes.

“The system has been operating for two years, been totally reliable and, as promised, has never failed to deliver the hot water we need.” says Lea. “We no longer run out of hot water for our major washdown and don’t store the huge volume required for the week. The single HeatPack has solved our peak supply problem, cut our energy costs, reduced Tangerine’s carbon footprint and, over the past two years, has more than recovered its modest investment.”

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