Saica Pack UK has been named ‘Best Non-Food Supplier of the Year’ by Pizza Hut at their annual Supplier Conference & Awards event in recognition of Saica Pack’s high level of quality, service and innovation throughout the year. Some of the most innovative packaging solutions developed include a Special World

Cup pizza box for the South Africa Football World Cup. The unique octagonal structured boxes, developed at Saica Pack’s National Design Centre in Aylesford, helped the company to win the prestigious award. Saica Pack is Pizza Hut’s sole box supplier and supplies Pizza Hut with a range of six different sized and innovative pizza boxes for use at over 700 outlets across the UK.

As well as innovative structures, Saica Pack has supplied bespoke graphic designs for Pizza Hut’s ‘Terminator Salvation’ and ‘The A-Team’ promotions.Commenting on the award, Andrew Woollard, Managing Director at Saica Pack South, said:

“The pizza market is fast moving and hugely competitive. Therefore Pizza Hut needs its suppliers not only to deliver great service, but also to be creative and innovative. We are delighted to receive the Best Non-Food Supplier of the Year Award and we will continue to add value to our customers through service and outstanding innovation.”

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