Since 1994 Hot-Headz! has been the leading supplier of authentic, speciality chilli pepper products in the UK.

Our passion for chillies has blossomed into a business that we love and that passion shines through in every product we offer.

Hot-Headz! supplies the widest range of sauces, salsas, mustards and chilli varieties in heat lavels from Mild to Wild to down right Crazy!

So whether it’s the mild wamth of the Mexican Pasilla, the zingy freshness of the wel known Jalapeno or the extreme heat of the infamous Naga Chilli, Hot-Headz! has the sauce for you.

We now export all over the world and supply all the top end delicatessens and fine food stores in the UK such as Fortnum & Mason, Whole Foods, Jeroboams and Weeton’s.

The first ever on-line “Hot Shop” is still going strong with increased sales every month at

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